Is it your first time here?


Thank you for taking an interest in my services.  I can not wait to meet you.   I take this opportunity to share with you some detailed information about the salon that current clients visiting the site already know.

I am in a small shop, with all the amenities and conveniences of larger Salons.   I offer online booking, pay with credit card, Apple Pay, Samsung, even invoicing. There are referral bonuses, a loyalty points program (save you some mulahh), and we have fun with contests and raffles through-out the year.  Both in-salon and on social media.  I will inform you of all salon promos, contest, and raffles through our social media sites. I do not offer discounts on Hair Services but I will work with-in your budget. Other notifications will be your emailed confirmation of your appointments when scheduled, and you will be texted a reminder, of your appointment, 48 hours before your scheduled time.

Below is the link to Online Booking. You’ll be asked to create a small profile and then can choose your appointment(s), stylist and time.

Book Online

Upon your arrival you can grab a snack and/or coffee, tea, water.   I will have you fill out a client intake form.  I keep a client profile and note our discussions (about your hair, not all the other stuff), formulas, and other information that is pertinent to maintaining your style, in the most consistent and efficient way, each and every time.   As a new client, your appointment automatically has extra time added for us to have a nice consultation to discuss your hair, lifestyle and desired results.   At the end of your appointment we may take a picture for my portfolio, make sure you have what you need for upkeep at home, and schedule your next visit. BOOK ONLINE

I am easily reached via email at, and phone via text 978-853-2018

I am very serious and very passionate about your hair, the hair industry, making your feel your best self, the local community, and helping others.  Otherwise, Im a super laid back and relaxed.  When you come to visit me, I want you to feel the same.   We do not steal enough time for ourselves and this time is just that…. your time.   We absolutely, 100% love my job, servicing clients and having fun, so lets do this…….

See you soon.


Toni DiNuzzo