Hair Maintenance Questions

Everyone’s Hair maintenance schedule is a little different. The shape of a haircut is lost as our hair grows. The shorter your haircut the sooner you need to come in to have it shaped up. If you are growing your hair you will want to wait a little longer between cuts. If your hair is cut close to your head you need will lose your shape faster. Depending on the amount of grey you are covering and individual vanity you want to visit the Salon a lot sooner then someone with no grey. Certain colors will fade sooner and depending on your home care you could make it last longer. Is your dimensional color blended with your natural color or is it highly contrasted? So many factors need to be considered and it is best to develop a plan directly with your stylist, but the guide in the video is a great start. Our recommendations reduce the risk of demarcation lines and gold bands. Which in the end save you money and time. Its the difference between a touch up and a color correction. They could be the difference in you successfully styling your hair at home or lots of bad hair days. Even your shampoo could make the difference between needing a four week touch up or a six week touch up. This is a guide and regardless of your maintenance schedule consistency is what is important.

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